Official Statement by Alena Mikhaltsova


Dear fans and journalists!

I would like to officially comment that the last time I took Meldonium was in September. Prior to this, Meldonium had been recommended to me by the club doctor for therapeutic use because of a large decrease in efficiency, physical overload and fatigue. Meldonium was recommended to speed up recovery. After WADA’s official announcement on September 30, 2015, on the inclusion of Meldonium in the WADA Prohibited List from January 1, 2016, I immediately stopped taking Meldonium. I was sure and I am sure now that during this time Meldonium should have left my system and that is why I have sent WADA a request for extended information on the results of my A sample. After receiving and reviewing these results, we will make a decision about opening the B sample. 
I want to thank all my relatives and friends for their support!

Alena Mikhaltsova